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MICE Department (Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions)

Bueme's DMC - Carlson Wagonlit has the experience and trajectory that makes our company stand out, as well as the accurate technology and qualified, effective and helpful staff when it comes to organizing an event, conference, incentive trip or product launching. Organizing an event may seem easier than what it is, but reality is that many factors have to be taken into consideration, such as time, connections and experience to guarantee its success.

This is why, after considering our local and international customers’ needs, we have created a MICE department which centralizes all services and tasks involved, so you can take care of your businesses while we handle the logistics.

Our integral service gathers:

Why hosting an event in Uruguay?

Uruguay is positioned as a strategic point for development of meetings and events on an international level. The combination of modern and historical infrastructure, technical and technological equipment and service quality make Uruguay an attractive destination for those who want to host a high level event.

Moreover, there is a strong support from governmental authorities who have decided to exonerate taxes when confirming international events in our country. This action has generated even a bigger interest among these lands.

Because of its geographical location, Uruguay allows easy access to all Latin American market on by all means: land, sea and air, with excellent daily connections. Montevideo, the country’s capital is only 30 minutes from Buenos Aires and less than three hours away from Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Asuncion and Santiago de Chile.

For all these reasons, the diversity of entertainment proposals and the professionalism of those who operate in the field, Uruguay is the perfect place for organizing your next event.

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